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Welcome to • H&H Testing Labs

H&H Testing Labs ISO 9001:2008 Certified company located at 146 Halstead Street in Rochester, NY. We have equipment available for most of your testing needs, visit our testing equipment page to see a complete list of available equipment, equipment specifications, and availability.

Why choose H&H Testing Labs

Reliable service is the key to success - yours and ours. The staff at H&H Testing Labs are leaders in service and most importantly preventitive maintenance for accelerated reliability testing equipment for over 10 years as H&H Environmental. Our periodic maintenance and repair program has keeped our maintenance customers running reliably with a minimum of down time, proving that our proactive maintenance and repair will ensure that equipment will perform reliably. We bring the same proactive maintenance and repair to our equipment at H&H Testing Labs to ensure our customers will have reliable uninteruped testing.